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Alexs Vujicic
Employee of Viziya
Ken Mackesy
Employee at Viziya
John Vujicic
Owner of Viziya
Chris McIntosh
Viziya Employee
Sean Licata
VIZIYA Employee, Driver of the RV


Because the Broken Sprockets are a Viziya office band, it is mandatory we are fans.

Viziya is a maintenance solutions company that understands that optimizing your asset utilization and uptime is essential to achieving production targets, controlling costs, and managing safety and compliance.

Crazy Steve Turner

OMCS Asset Perfomance Management

OMCS provides Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions for the Broken Sprockets. They have been a supporter of our band since day 1.

Kathy Licata
Owner of Mondelis

Mondelis Actuarial Services

We have been a fan of The Broken Sprockets since the beginning, when only the people attending the conference heard them. Now they have grown to be so much more!

Mondelis provides actuarial support for the Broken Sprockets.


A business phone system company for the Broken Sprockets.

Maintenance Reporting

The industry site to help you with reporting challenges in the maintenance world.

Maintenance Summit

Events in the maintenance industry. Many of which the Broken Sprockets will be playing.